Tahani Anderson gave a lively performance during her audition for So You Think You Can Dance on Monday night, spiraling and bounding across the stage to Beyoncé’s “Countdown” with verve that all the judges found impressive. Then she did what probably very few little girls dream of doing: Puked on Paula Abdul’s jacket.

Anderson finished up her routine knowing she nailed it, collapsing to the floor as the audience roared and the judges indicated she was going on to the next round. “I am so proud of you,” Abdul said as 12-year-old Anderson hugged her, and with that, the child’s cheeks began to puff forebodingly. Abdul asked if Anderson is OK, and maybe she was, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t about to throw up all over the floor and maybe a little bit on Abdul.

The audience doesn’t even try to hide its delight. Look at these monsters:


“I’m so sorry,” Anderson whispered, and Abdul assured her that everything was fine. “I’ve never had anyone just vomit on me like that before,” she mused.

But Anderson has her priorities straight, recovering from the incident seemingly instantly.


“I hugged Paula and she just squeezed me too tight, and all the happiness came out on her jacket,” she said during a post-vom debriefing.

That happiness is going to leave Abdul with a hefty dry cleaning bill, but honestly, there are far less charming ways to be barfed on for the first time. Like, literally all of them? Feel free to share the most memorable time someone puked all over you in the comments.


Image via YouTube/screengrab.