100 Calorie Packs Turn Women Into Crazy, Screaming Lunatics

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Can we just talk about this ridiculous 100 Calorie Packs commercial for a second? Because it has played at least 8 times since I started writing this morning, and it is officially driving me insane.


The ad depicts a horde of completely insane women, screaming with excitement as a truck carrying 100 Calorie Packs of Oreo Cakesters rolls down a city street. We're supposed to find this hilarious and wacky, but this commercial just pisses me off. First of all, NOBODY ON EARTH gets that excited about a snack pack of pre-portioned soft Oreos. NOBODY. And secondly, if, as the ad claims, these packs are "goodies for grown-ups," then why are women the only ones going crazy over the cookies in this ad? The men in this ad react to the woman with a mix of "WTF" and "oh my god, you're crazy" which only serves to make the women look even more pathetic and ridiculous.

What say you, commenters?

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I find it hilarious, but not in the way the ad is at all intended. The idea of all those extras running around hysterically screaming for something that horrible tasting cracks me up. It does not make me want to eat that product (though I will confess to liking some other 100 cal packs).