10 Year Olds OK To Marry, Says Senior Saudi Official

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Saudi Arabia’s most senior Muslim cleric has recently been quoted as saying it's acceptable for girls as young as 10 years old to marry.

A pan-Arab newspaper picked up the quote by the country’s grand mufti, which made its way to the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper. The remarks were made during a lecture Monday, in which the cleric also stated that those who believe women should not marry before 25 are following a “bad path.” His comments come in response to recent attempts by Saudi human rights groups to put an end to marriages involving children. The National Human Right Commission has condemned the practice of marrying off young girls as an “inhumane violation.”

Report: Senior Saudi Cleric OKs Girls To Marry [MSNBC, via AP]

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This is disgusting. This is not about God, nor marriage. This is about controlling women more easily: what better way than to snatch them up at 10?

I encourage all Jezebels to reading "No god but God" by my second husband, Reza Aslan, because he addresses the ways in which the powers that be have contorted Islam to fit their own needs and desires since shortly after its inception. It's a really powerful read.