10-Year-Old Kid Is The Justin Bieber Of Fitness Gurus

Meet CJ Senter. He's a 10 year old self-described "mini gladiator" who has been on a fitness kick for five years — half of his life. His abs are the kind of 8-pack we can only dream of, and his presence in front of 450 elementary school kids illicits Bieber-levels of shrieking.

CJ, who goes by "The Workout Kid" in his series of workout videos for kids, got his start when he helped to motivate his football team to victory. His bio states, "CJ thought if he can motivate a team, he could motivate more American kids to reverse their thinking that 'exercise' is a bad word."

CJ likes "eating fruits and vegetables," and doesn't really eat junk food. It seems almost too good to be true, as if Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign has presented itself in the form of one ripped child. But don't worry, he does indulge in a few normal-kid things: "I eat candy but I eat a little, not a lot." You know, if this whole "Pint-Sized Physical Trainer" thing doesn't work out, he could definitely have a career as some kind of life coach. Let's just hope he doesn't turn into a complete ass in the eight years until he legally becomes an adult.


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He's so cute, and the psychology behind peer-motivation is dead on. I can't help but question what societal reactions would be though, if this same type of fitness-orientation was coming from a female child. Would it be labelled as an eating disorder? Poor parenting? Etc...?