10 More Terrifying Tales to Haunt Your Nightmares

Illustration: Angelica Alzona/GMG

Haunted dolls, devils, and death! On Monday, we presented the 2020 winners of our annual Scary Story contest; here are 10 more frightening fables to get you in the mood for the best (or worst, I don’t know your life) holiday of the year. Turn the lights on, lock the doors, close the windows and, uh, maybe read the rest of these with a friend or loved one. It’s Halloween week, and things are getting spooky.

...What was that?

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Untitled by Que Syrah Syrah

No Running (in the Hall) by Posner36

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Shadow by Jemima Puddleduck

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These were great! Loved the haunted school, the creepy gas station kid, and the old-timey coal miner vs. the Devil tale. The serial killer ones are always so sad and disturbing to me. Spooky ghosts and demons are fun, human evil is just depressing. There was a really sad one someone posted about finding a barrel on their property that I hope makes the next round of winners. And I deeply, DEEPLY regret Googling Tom Lionel Burns. I usually like looking up details to get more context for the story, but that was just heartbreaking and will stick with me all day. I have a little girl and violence against children hits on a different level.

Could honestly do without all the nearly-identical Ouija board stories though. Does anyone find those scary?