'10 for Tebow' Encourages Donating to Pro-Choice Causes Every Time Tim Tebow Scores a Touchdown

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Starting Denver Broncos quarterback and real life Forrest Gump Tim Tebow has made no secret of his ultraconservative views, once appearing with his mom in an anti-abortion ad that aired during the Super Bowl. Now, an internet-based group of pro-choice advocates is turning his moderate gridiron success into a fundraising effort by donating $10 to abortion providers for every touchdown Tebow scores. This makes me want to Tebow right here, right now.


In addition to be prominently pro-life, Tim Tebow's known for spawning the "Tebowing" trend, which is sort of like planking but more sacrilegious. It involves imitating Tim Tebow by kneeling down in the middle of a place where praying's appropriateness may be questionable, and having your knucklehead friends photograph you. Even though his teammates have requested that he cool it with the praying all the time, Tebow says he does this because Jesus comes first in his life. I guess we can assume that this means he thinks Jesus helps him win football games, which is silly. Saying that Jesus is helping the Denver Broncos win is like hearing a semi truck drive by and assuming it's Optimus Prime. And everyone knows that neither Jesus nor Optimus Prime give a shit about the NFL. But I digress.

The Abortion Gang blogger behind the 10 For Tebow effort is named Sophia. She told me that she got the idea after seeing a Twitpic of Tim Tebow, well, Tebowing. She felt uncomfortable supporting an athlete who has used his position of fame to support organizations that work to deny women abortions, but as a sports fan, she was impressed by his abilities and enjoyed watching him play. "Divine intervention," she jokes of the source of her idea to tie her pro-choice charitable giving to the performance of an anti-choice athlete.


She's donating the 10 for Tebow money she raises to an organization in Oregon that helps disadvantaged women obtain abortions.

Sophia didn't plan for her efforts to lead to a large scale Tebow-based fundraising effort; she said she hopes everyone donates to pro-choice organizations for their own reasons. This was just her way to pledge a donation and hold herself accountable for her donation, all while watching football which, as a sports blogger, she enjoys. She plans to continue her fundraising efforts through the end of the season.

No word on how much money the 10 For Tebow project will raise; Tebow's only scored 10 touchdowns so far this season. Maybe more money would be raised for pro-choice causes if we all agreed to donate $10 every time Tebow strikes his famous pose. On second thought, scratch that. We'd all go broke.

Abortion Gang: donate $10 for every Tebow TD [Fox Nation]

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I'm looking forward to the Tim Tebow Sex Scandal. Anyone who has to make such a big public deal about praying is hiding something deviant.