10 Excellent Halloween Makeup Video Tutorials

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I can think of nothing more satisfying than spending the entire month of October swapping costume ideas with my friends and my sister. This is because I adore Halloween, naturally, and my costumes usually involve elaborate makeup. Which is tricky.


Or, what I thought was elaborate makeup. After I watched a girl contour her face into the visage of Jared Leto, I began poking around YouTube. Quickly I was sucked into the world of makeup tutorial videos and, well…I am a woman obsessed. The slew of truly talented makeup artists who create fantastic Halloween looks should challenge and inspire all of you Halloween fanatics.

Betty Boop, by Kandee Johnson

Betty Boop is cute retro-looking costume, but not always recognizable. Kandee's is accurate to the cartoon, and doesn't require too many products. Plus, Kandee is hilarious and seriously adorable!

Edward Scissorhands, by Kandee Johnson
There are a handful of Edward Scissorhands tutorials out there, but this one is pretty spot-on, and her use of color is great.

Princess Jasmine, Kandee Johnson
Kandee's a master of the transformative glamorous eye (check out her pin-up series); appropriately she has a Halloween video that demonstrates said skill.

Jack Sparrow, by Kandee Johnon
Yes, this is the same woman who you just saw as the last three characters. I love her, and I desperately want her to do an Ursula the Sea Witch that doesn't look like a clown. PLEASE. I need it!

Ventriloquist Dummy, by goldiestarling
I went as a marionette last year (I also went as a cyborg, but that was a different day), and this makeup kicks my makeup's ass. I love the super sculpted cheeks and the eye detail.

The Exorcist, by goldiestarling
My favorite Halloween looks are ones inspired by iconic movies or characters, and this one is totally creepy.

Corpse Bride, by Petrilude
Interesting how he starts with a white base and contours with the color. I probably would've rubbed a bunch of blue all over my face and called it a day.

Maleficent, by Petrilude
Kandee also has a very accurate Maleficent, but I love his outrageous interpretation of the character. Check out some of his other drag looks — the man is crazy talented.

Terminator makeup, by Klairedelysart
Prosthetic makeup is really fun to wear, but I've never made my own like this. I also love the subtle highlighting that makes the "metal" look 3-D. It doesn't even look like paint at first glance.

Zombie Face, by UnlimitedElizabeth
I‘ve never seen anyone build on a mask out of toilet paper and Elmer's glue, but it's inexpensive and the result is gory and over the top (in a good way). Cady Heron would approve.

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lady rainicorn

I'm really happy Petrilude is mentioned. I love his videos, and he seems like such a wonderful guy.