It’s a phenomenon!

As you probably know by now, there is one mobile game that has taken the entire smartphone-owning world by storm. People of all ages are playing it at home and at work. They’re leveling up on their commutes and during their morning runs. Some players are even getting their fix while in, how should I say, delicate situations! It is, perhaps, the biggest gaming phenomenon since Tetris, and shows no signs of slowing down.

But mastering the game everyone is talking is as easy as following these 10 steps. So check ‘em out!

Game on, everyone!

1. Don’t step on the cracks!


2. I mean it! Don’t step on the cracks!!

3. Why do you keep stepping on the cracks?!


4. How else could I possibly put this?

5. Oh, right. Did I mention the TNT? Avoid it at all costs! It’s TNT for Christ’s sake!


6. But don’t forget about the cracks!! The cracks are still there!

7. No, I said avoid the TNT! TNT and cracks co-exist in this world, and you should steer clear of both!


8. There might be water in the cracks, but that doesn’t make it OK!

9. The cracks! The cracks! They’re everywhere!


10. Oh god, why?! What did you do to deserve this?!

You can download Steppy Pants for free on the App Store. The point of the game is to not step on the cracks.


Images via the app, which I play when the Pokemon Go servers are down.