The consequences and ripple effects of Roe being overturned have already been devastating, with hospitals denying rape victims emergency contraception, experts predicting increased domestic violence against pregnant people, child rape victims being denied abortion care, and patients being forced to carry dead fetuses. Inevitably, there will also be more maternal deaths—Texas has waged a legal war for the “pro-life” right to let pregnant people die. And considering states with more abortion restrictions and fewer clinics have disproportionately high maternal mortality rates, the closure of 43 clinics in the last month doesn’t bode particularly well.


Still, abortion providers and advocates have remained committed to innovating and bridging as many gaps to care as possible. One OB-GYN is fundraising to launch an abortion boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Some providers are setting up mobile clinics along the borders of states where abortion is banned. Groups like Shout Your Abortion and activists like Renee Bracey Sherman are doing everything they can to teach as many people as possible about safe, self-managed abortion with medication.

The closure of 43 clinics is a massive hit to abortion access—but the fight isn’t over.