No 'Personhood' Amendments Will Appear on Any Ballot this Election Day

Soup Not-si Paul Ryan may believe that human life begins at conception, but that view isn't quite as popular with the rest of sane America. Or the court system, apparently. After failing to pass Personhood in Mississippi last fall, not a one "Zygotes Are People, Too!" measure will be appearing on any state ballots… »10/16/12 5:00pm10/16/12 5:00pm


Morning-After Slut Pills Don't Actually Prevent Implantation, After All

If you ask any of the bazillion "pro-life" dudes who bravely stand for zygotes by standing against emergency contraception, they'll tell you that the morning after pill — or Plan B if you want to get brand-namey — is an abortifacient because it prevents fertilized eggs from implanting in a woman's uterus. The FDA will… »6/05/12 6:10pm6/05/12 6:10pm

Oklahoma's Personhood Amendment Ruled 'Clearly Unconstitutional' By Exasperated-Sounding Supreme Court

It's less terrible day than usual to be a uterus (or, if you want to get technical, "woman," or "baby holder") in the West South Central United States today. Earlier, a federal judge ruled that Texas' law to exclude Planned Parenthood from its Women's Health Program was unconstitutional. And now, like a frustrated dad… »4/30/12 5:40pm4/30/12 5:40pm

How in the Hell are We Supposed to Grant Fertilized Eggs Constitutional Rights?

The state legislatures of Virginia and Oklahoma have continued to embarrass their reasonable constituents this week by passing legislation that defines fertilized eggs as "persons" eligible for the same rights as normal humans that aren't multicelled, consciousless globs. Framers of Personhood bills believe that their… »2/16/12 5:30pm2/16/12 5:30pm

Child Of Rape Victim Is Now A Charming Anti-Choice Personhood Fanatic

On November 8, Mississippians will vote on Initiative 26, an amendment to their state's constitution declares that life begins at the moment of conception. If enacted, the measure will effectively outlaw all abortion, IVF, embryonic stem cell research, and many forms of birth control. The driving force behind this and… »10/21/11 5:15pm10/21/11 5:15pm

If All You Have Is A Nucleus, Can You Really Be a Citizen?

As we're all well aware, one of the many prongs in the fundie battle for control of our uteri is to call the contents often found within a person. Well, in a slight glimmer of hope for those of us who don't think that this one cell can be called a person or a life, they've failed in Montana. State Representative Rick… »6/25/08 12:20pm6/25/08 12:20pm