Dead Dudes We'd Have Sex With (When They Were Alive)

Esquire UK just released their special Dead Dudes Who Can Get It "Icons of Style" issue, featuring the beautiful visages of Paul Newman, James Dean, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Elvis. Being the horny thirst witches that we are, the covers got us thinking—what dead guys would we take to the bone zone, assuming, OF COURSE,… »1/19/15 5:00pm1/19/15 5:00pm

The 20 Most Revolting Special Effects Ever Created [NSFW]


Ever since Star Wars, the special effects industry has taken us to amazing new worlds and recharged our sense of wonder. It's also grossed us the frak out. Exploding heads, severed limbs, strange mutilations... Here are the 20 most disgusting special effects of all time. Warning: NSFW! »11/27/14 1:49pm11/27/14 1:49pm

Mokiki Is Manhattan’s Most Eligible Zombie Bachelor

The mysterious island of Manhattan is home to all kinds of strange creatures, including the reclusive Mokiki, a zombified former biological testing subject and the woman who falls in love with his hypnotic, slack-limb dances. And his venomous zombie vomit, don't forget that — nothing says, "Bear my zombie spawn" quite… »11/11/12 12:00pm11/11/12 12:00pm

Adorable Child Zombies Star in Best Family Portrait Ever

Do you remember posing for family photos as a kid? The stiff collars, the forced smiles, the photographer from JC Penney who keeps trying to cheer you up with jokes even though, at only 7, you're already way too old for that shit? Don't you think you think that maybe — possibly — you would have had a better time had… »10/03/12 6:00pm10/03/12 6:00pm

There Is No Miami Zombie Apocalypse, Just Mentally Ill People With No Safety Net

Attention, internet: Enough with the zombie apocalypse meme. ENOUGH. In general, I need you to stop talking to me about zombies, vampires, werewolves, unicorns, bacon, cupcakes, Chuck Norris if that's still happening, and "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit." Stop. Make a new thing. But more specifically, please… »5/31/12 6:00pm5/31/12 6:00pm

Pro-Choice People Dream of a World Where All Babies Are Aborted, Says Ridiculous Governor

Just as zombies crave the delicious chewy flesh of the human brain, so too do pro-abortion rights people crave nothing more than to abort the shit out of every pregnancy. We're like hormonal teenagers. We'll abort anything that walks. All day we dream about abortion. At least, according to Mississippi Governor and… »4/25/12 3:40pm4/25/12 3:40pm

The Walking Dead Is Spreading Icky Morning-After Pill Myths

The Walking Dead, now in its second season, has riveted audiences with its tense undead action interspersed with human drama. Lately, though, the show's seeming ignorance of how the morning after pill works has been rubbing some viewers the wrong way. It should surprise approximately no one that a drama based on a… »11/21/11 5:00pm11/21/11 5:00pm