Astrologers Explain: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Were Never…

Vampires may be immortal, but in Hollywood, forever is not long at all. And, according to their zodiac signs, long-term true love was never going to happen for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. As of right now, she's apologized for her indiscretion, but Rob's moved out. We ask the cosmos: Will K-Stew and R-Patz… » 8/03/12 6:00pm 8/03/12 6:00pm

Your New Zodiac Sign Probably Wouldn't Change Much

No, our astrological signs aren't actually changing, but what would happen if they did? Information is Beautiful analyzed 22,000 horoscopes and found we're in for lots of living and feeling either way. [Via Gizmodo] » 1/19/11 6:31pm 1/19/11 6:31pm

Susan Miller Soothes All Of Your Fears

Saturday I attended an all-day seminar given by astrologer Susan Miller, where she stressed that no, your astrological sign has not "changed," and called the whole business "ridiculous." » 1/18/11 1:25pm 1/18/11 1:25pm

Ex-Lover Arrested For The Murder Of Pregnant Soldier

A soldier stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina has been arrested for the murder of Megan Lynn Touma, a pregnant solider who was found dead in a motel bathtub a little over a month ago. The connection or relationship that Touma had with the arrested solider, Sgt. Edgar Patino, has not been elaborated on by police… » 7/30/08 9:30am 7/30/08 9:30am

Anonymous Letter-Writer Takes Responsibility For Murder Of Pregnant…

The case of Megan Lynn Touma, the Army dental specialist stationed at Fort Bragg who was found dead in a North Carolina motel bathtub on June 21st, is taking a turn for the creepy after a letter was sent to the local Fayetteville Observer by someone claiming to be Megan's killer. That's not all: the anonymous scribe… » 6/30/08 9:30am 6/30/08 9:30am