Zimbabwe Hospital Charged Women $5 Per Scream During Childbirth

Zimbabwe's rampant corruption has penetrated virtually all levels of public services, and it's gotten so bad that delivering a baby has become unaffordable for most Zimbabwean women. One hospital has reportedly been charging $5 per scream during childbirth for "raising false alarm." False alarm for what? Birthing a… »7/12/13 3:00pm7/12/13 3:00pm

Zimbawe Dictator Still Saying Shitty Things About Gays, Women, Basically Everyone

Whose great idea was it to invite Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's sexist, homophobic, and all-around crazy 88-year-old dictator to a conference today on HIV/Aids and gender rights? Unsurprisingly, Mugabe — who banned homosexuality from his country — made many lovely and thoughtful contributions, such as how the "gay world"… »5/24/12 6:00pm5/24/12 6:00pm

Turns Out Diamonds Aren't Really Your Best Friend After All

A global advocacy group called Global Witness has recused itself from a coalition that aims to eliminate the flow of blood diamonds into the global marketplace, saying the safeguards that have been put in place aren't preventing tainted conflict gems from being bought by consumers. I guess diamonds are maybe more like… »12/05/11 6:30pm12/05/11 6:30pm

Zimbabwean Cabinet Ministers Asked To Get Circumcised For AIDS Prevention

Citing a South African study showing that male circumcision reduces HIV transmission, the deputy prime minister of Zimbabwe is trying to get all the male ministers to get circumcised themselves as a promotion. As it happens, said deputy prime minister is a woman, and some of her colleagues are reluctant. One very… »8/30/11 2:40pm8/30/11 2:40pm

Zimbabwe Recruiting Government Support By Raping Opposition

In a completely unsurprising and yet still intensely nauseating development in the ongoing civil strife in Zimbabwe, members of President Mugabe's ruling party's (ZANU-PF) youth militia are kidnapping and raping young women at torture camps near Mudzi, north of the capital, Harare. The camps have resulted in an… »7/07/08 3:45pm7/07/08 3:45pm

22-Year-Old Arms Dealer: But They Passed That Arms Embargo Way Before I Was Even Born!

  • OMG remember Efraim Diveroli, the 22-year-old Andy Samberg lookalike from Miami with the $300 million defense contract to sell ancient Chinese ammunition to the Afghan insurgency via Albania? Apparently the US Ambassador was involved in covering up the scam, probably because Efraim was also Albania's leading supply…
  • »6/23/08 6:30pm6/23/08 6:30pm

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Just Made Some Pakistani Farmer's Life $25 Million Better. Here's Hoping He Invested In Big Corn!

Behold 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. And note the Ashlee Simpsonesque transformation of his nose. Maybe people with the initials KLS are just vainer than most. And while the Guantanamo diet was good for the love handles, waterboarding leaves you bloated with bags under the eyes? In any case, something, it's… »6/23/08 10:00am6/23/08 10:00am