Is the Tide Finally Turning Against Fast Fashion?

Recent years have seen the rise of fast-fashion behemoths like Forever 21, H&M, Zara—the list goes on. Even stores without their reputation for lickety-split knockoffs seem to be pushing towards tighter production cycles and cheaper offerings. But are customers ready to embrace buying fewer items that cost more money? » 9/04/14 2:15pm 9/04/14 2:15pm

Zara So Sorry Kids' Shirt Looked Like a Concentration Camp Uniform

Zara has snatched a children's t-shirt from its stores, after several people pointed out that it looked uncomfortably like the uniforms Jewish prisoners were made to wear in Nazi concentration camps. Not something you'd want to show up toting at a baby shower, to say the least. » 8/27/14 11:45am 8/27/14 11:45am

Gap and Zara Ban Angora Fur Following Outcry Over Cruelty to Bunnies

Following mounting pressure from EVERY HUMAN WITH A CONSCIENCE, Gap and Zara have joined several other retailers in (temporarily) banning products made with angora fur. Like something in which the wicked and depraved antagonist of a YA novel would shroud their withered heart, angora fur is commonly gathered by tying… » 12/27/13 12:40pm 12/27/13 12:40pm

Factory Conditions at Zara Look To Have Improved Since Last Year (Kinda)

Last August Zara factories were busted for slave-like working conditions for undocumented workers from Peru and Bolivia; now there's an in-depth look at the La Coruña, Galicia headquarters of Inditex, the company that owns the fast-fashion brand. An Istanbul-based writer went inside the Zara and Zara Home warehouses… » 11/10/12 3:15pm 11/10/12 3:15pm

You Can't Shop Anywhere

The founder of IKEA — which once seemed like the most wholesome of all multinational companies — was apparently a Nazi. At this point, basically every retail chain is tainted with some sort of scandal. Here's a helpful guide. » 8/24/11 6:30pm 8/24/11 6:30pm

Zara Says It Really Had No Idea Its Clothes Were Being Manufactured In…

Two sweatshops run by Zara suppliers were recently raided in Brazil, and the details that are emerging are all pretty sad: the youngest person freed from the factory was just 14 years old, and authorities say the workers were toiling in "slave-like conditions." The staff, mostly undocumented immigrants from Peru and… » 8/19/11 12:20pm 8/19/11 12:20pm

The History of The Cheap Dress

Everywhere American consumers shop — from outlet malls to department store sales racks — deals flourish. But where can one find the cheapest dress? "Fast fashion" purveyors like Forever 21 and H&M are known for their low prices, high volume, and rapid turnover of styles. It's amazing to think that a hundred years ago,… » 6/03/11 6:45pm 6/03/11 6:45pm

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Putting An End To Fast Fashion In Your Wardrobe

We all know the true cost of an H&M synthetic sweater is not reflected in its $29.90 pricetag. The fashion industry is a tremendous generator of waste, and it has a nasty habit of treating garment workers as disposable labor. » 6/17/10 4:00pm 6/17/10 4:00pm

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