The Dillon Panthers Reunited and It Was Glorious

Scott Porter (a.k.a Jason Street from Friday Night Lights) posted a squeal-worthy picture to his Instagram this weekend (seriously — I actually squealed when I saw it). At first, it just looks like a bunch of random handsomes hanging out in a backyard, but wait! Is that Matt Saracen I see? And next to him the famous… »10/21/13 5:45pm10/21/13 5:45pm


Matt Saracen Got Married and It Wasn't to Julie Taylor

It's a bittersweet day for girls who love lithe high school quarterbacks who care about their grandmas and always come through in a pinch. Just today, photographer Jonas Peterson has posted beautiful photos from the December wedding of Zach Gilford, the actor best known as Matt Saracen on Friday Night Lights, and… »8/07/13 7:00pm8/07/13 7:00pm

Here's Kanye West Blurting Out That Kim Kardashian's Pregnant Without Asking Her if It Was Cool First

Because Kanye West is Kanye West, it is absolutely unsurprising that he would tell the 5,000+ crowd at Atlantic City's Revel Resort about the impending Kimyelet without Kim Kardashian's knowledge, let alone her approval. The two hadn't discussed when they would tell the public, and Kim wanted to wait until she… »12/31/12 9:07am12/31/12 9:07am