We Are Your Friends: A Wonderful Zac Efron Rave Tragedy

At what point does “EDM” become not just a corporate branding term, but a metaphor? The answer, you wookie-boot-wearing, free-love-aspiring, waiting-for-the-drop millennials, is right this very cultural second, the historical point in late summer 2015 AD in which Catfish’s Max Joseph—along with co-writer Meaghan… »8/25/15 5:22pm8/25/15 5:22pm

Finally, A Movie That Tells The Truth About Crappy Male EDM DJs!

I am uncontainably excited for We Are Your Friends, the movie that Max “Catfish” Joseph temporarily left Catfish to film, leading to Nev’s demise. I am excited because based on the first trailer, the world of the shitty male EDM DJ is a strange plane with which Max is clearly intimately familiar, and I trust him to… »5/19/15 1:30pm5/19/15 1:30pm

Watch 'Zac Efron' Discuss How Good He Is at Masturbating and Driving

In a new clip from The Interview, James Franco and Seth Rogen's upcoming film, Franco's character Dave Skylark grills Efron about the very important topic of masturbating, which "Efron" can do while driving. "I can masturbate with both hands, which is a total legal grey area," he says. Who knows what the final product… »11/21/14 9:50am11/21/14 9:50am

Here's a Supercut Of Every Time Zac Efron Took His Shirt Off On Screen

Whether you're watching this late Sunday night or early Monday morning, there's no wrong time to watch a highly educational and visually appealing compilation of some of Zac Efron's finest moments on screen. And the fact that many (all) of these moments feature the talented Mr. Efron in various stages of ripping,… »5/12/14 12:02am5/12/14 12:02am