​Check out this Clip from the Upcoming Yves Saint Laurent Biopic

While Yves Saint Laurent has already been released in Europe, we have to wait until June 25 for its US release. So in the meantime, sit back and enjoy this clip of Saint Laurent (as portrayed by Pierre Niney) show the House of Dior how it's done. » 3/23/14 5:30pm 3/23/14 5:30pm

The YSL Film: Smoking, Ennui, Beautiful Dresses, Gay Romance

There are not one but two Yves Saint Laurent biopics on the horizon, but this trailer is for the "authorized" version of events — the one Saint Laurent's partner, Pierre Bergé, approves of. Directed by Jalil Lespert and featuring Pierre Niney as the legendary designer, this film, which is in French, mostly deals with… » 11/08/13 10:50am 11/08/13 10:50am

Saint Laurent, for Running Away from Boarding School to Find Courtney…

Hedi Slimane's second Saint Laurent collection — for fall/winter 2013 — looks familiar. Anyone thrilled about how the '90s are back will dig this show: Babydoll dresses, plaid, combat boots. Of course, ignore the styling and you'll see a pretty little dresses that would be perfectly at home on the red carpet — ruffled… » 3/05/13 4:20pm 3/05/13 4:20pm

Why Are Fashion Designers So Ridiculously Touchy About Press?

Yves Saint Laurent's treatment of the press under new creative director Hedi Slimane has been perhaps the most talked-about event of this fashion season. It's a perfect case study in how not to do public relations — but it's also an illustration of the broader problems that dog fashion, a field of endeavor that is… » 10/04/12 7:13pm 10/04/12 7:13pm

The World of Yves Saint Laurent: Androgyny, Exoticism, and Scandal

A major retrospective of Yves Saint Laurent's work opened this week in Denver. It covers everything from the designer's early years at Christian Dior, to his appropriation of elements of men's wear and fascination with androgyny, to his long-standing relationships with muses like Betty Catroux, Catherine Deneuve, and… » 3/28/12 3:20pm 3/28/12 3:20pm

A History Of Fashion's Appropriation Of Art [NSFW]

For Christian Louboutin's latest lookbook, photographer Peter Lippmann used models to essentially recreate iconic works from art history: Whistler's Mother, Francisco de Zurbarán's St. Dorothy, and here, Jean-Marc Nattier's 1738 Portrait of the Marquise D'Antin. And added, you know, really expensive shoes. It's an old… » 6/22/11 6:10pm 6/22/11 6:10pm

Naomi Campbell Returns To Court, Her Home Away From Home

  • Naomi Campbell's lawsuit with ex-agent Carol White is still rumbling. White, who claims Campbell stiffed her on royalties for a perfume called "Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe With Kisses," says she has evidence that Campbell's lawyer and manager perjured themselves. [WWD]
  • » 1/24/11 11:56am 1/24/11 11:56am

Target Reneges On Promise To End Anti-Gay Donations

  • After Target, which styles itself an LGBT-friendly employer, was caught giving thousands to rabidly anti-gay political candidates, it said it would stop. Well: Target has since given over $30,000 to anti-gay-rights candidates and causes. [The Awl]
  • » 12/22/10 12:15pm 12/22/10 12:15pm

Model Sues Magazine That Photoshopped Off Her Underwear

  • Victoria's Secret model and dater-of-Cristiano-Ronaldo Irina Shayk is suing Spanish GQ magazine after it digitally removed in post-production the underwear that she wore for the shoot, and then printed the resulting "nude" photos. [Daily Mail]
  • » 11/26/10 2:10pm 11/26/10 2:10pm

Proof That Ladymags Cater To Designers Who Advertise

Here is an internal Harper's Bazaar document that lists the brands to feature in upcoming editorial spreads, ranked according to priority — and helpfully divided between "Advertisers" and "Non-Advertisers." This is how your ladymag sausage gets made. » 11/11/10 2:35pm 11/11/10 2:35pm

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