From Beyoncé to Sinatra: Photos of the food and drinks stars demand

Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves is a master of still life photography. His Band Rider series—made in collaboration with Caitlin Levin—is one of my favorites. Using a Flemish painting style, these photos portrait the food and drink that many famous artists demand in their shows, from Beyoncé Knowles and… »2/21/14 4:46pm2/21/14 4:46pm

Chicken Nuggets Are Half Meat, Half Nerves, Bones, and Blood Vessels

Unless you're like 10,000 years into some sort of hardcore Rip Van Winkle situation, you've GOT to be aware of the fact, by now, that your food is fucking gross. There is simply no way to keep bugs and feces and gasoline and donkey-skin and ghosts out of the stuff we eat, so if you want to have a shred of a chance at… »10/07/13 12:30pm10/07/13 12:30pm

Law & Order Makes Viewers Hungry • Severe Gender Wage Gap Exists In Brazil

People who watch crime shows like Law & Order »9/09/08 5:40pm9/09/08 5:40pm and on groceries, according to a new study. Brutal TV homicides: making us hungry! • Do you want a crush to fall head-over-heels for you? Take them him or her a . • Diane Webber, the model/actress who starred in the 1962 film , at the age of 76. RIP. • Animals get . (In…

Yogurt Locks In Grey Sweatshirt Female Demographic • Study Says Virginity Pledges Help Teens Wait

Video looks at yogurt's advertising for women: "Yogurt eaters come from every race, but just one socio-economic class: the class that wears gray hoodies. It's that 'I have a Masters, but then I got married' look!"• A man has been accused of running an Asian prostitution ring in Seattle, citing that he bought 14,000… »6/10/08 5:20pm6/10/08 5:20pm