This 60-Year-Old Hot Southern Grandma Is Your New YouTube BFF

Recently a friend threw down this gauntlet in a Facebook makeup group: Just a general PSA, my mega-babe aunt who you won’t believe is 60 has a YouTube tutorial channel that I like for skincare advice. Her name is “Melissa55.” She is a mother of two, grandmother to seven, and is, in fact, a mega-babe. » 8/16/15 3:00pm 8/16/15 3:00pm

All Is Lost; Nightmare Man "Surprises" Wife With Her Own Pregnancy 

In an age where elaborately-staged marriage proposals and tearjerking pregnancy reveals are YouTube commonplace, self-proclaimed vloggers must now go to extreme lengths to achieve maximum virality when announcing their most personal family moments online. One man brought this terrifying reality into stark relief… » 8/07/15 1:28pm 8/07/15 1:28pm

YouTube Memory Lane: An Appreciation for The Judy Garland Show

In 1963, Judy Garland found herself in dire financial straits. Deeply in debt with the IRS and having recently taken a loss financing A Star Is Born, the performer agreed—quite reluctantly—to partner with CBS for The Judy Garland Show, a primetime variety hour featuring guests, songs, and sketches, for which she’d… » 7/14/15 6:45pm 7/14/15 6:45pm

Watch Jay Z's First-Ever Television Freestyle in 1990

BET's Rap City in 1990 was a far cry from the beast it eventually became: before there were elaborate sets (aka your mom's basement but graffiti'd), it was simply a room, crates, and a couple of seats. In this cozy setting, a babyfaced Jay Z made his first-ever TV appearance, flanked by Big Daddy Kane who gave the… » 2/19/15 2:45pm 2/19/15 2:45pm