Couple Marries in the ER After Groom Has a Heart Attack

A Pittsburgh couple was so damn determined to tie that knot that when the groom suffered a heart attack shortly before the ceremony, they simply married at the hospital instead. » 4/29/14 7:45pm 4/29/14 7:45pm

Sex, Guys & Audiotape: "just for u"

This walk down mix tape memory lane comes via "cheerful indie rocker" Sam, who presented the glimpse into his sensitive guy soul to Susan in winter 2001. » 3/05/09 5:00pm 3/05/09 5:00pm

Sex, Guys & Audiotape: "Summer Songs '99"

Remember mixed tapes? We kick off this look into a Young Man's Soul with "Summer Songs '99," a mixed tape from "sensitive dude" Jake to Sarah, 18, before their first summer of college. » 1/07/09 2:20pm 1/07/09 2:20pm

Young Love

Two German children, ages six and seven, who say they are "very much in love," decided to get married in Africa "where it is warm" and went to the train station, where police apprehended them. » 1/05/09 11:20am 1/05/09 11:20am