So, What Hath Fanfiction Wrought On The YA Industry?

50 Shades of Grey author E.L James' origin as a Twilight fanfiction scribe appears to have opened the publishing industry's eyes to other budding writers to be culled from fan forums and pop-culture niche websites. A 16-year-old UK teen named Emily Baker was just discovered on an online writing community Movellas by… »10/06/12 4:00pm10/06/12 4:00pm

The Most Frequently Challenged Book Features Scandalous Texts and Dubious Emoticons

Lauren Myracle's TTYL series, which follows a group of teenage girls as they communicate solely through texts, IMs, and emails, has regularly appeared on the American Library Association's annual "Top Ten List of Frequently Challenged Books" since the first novel came out in 2004. And it came in first place again this… »4/11/12 1:00pm4/11/12 1:00pm

Jeannette Eyerly, one of the first authors to bring serious issues like death, abortion, and drugs t
Jeannette Eyerly, one of the first authors »9/02/08 1:40pm9/02/08 1:40pm to bring serious issues like death, abortion, and drugs to the once-bubble-gum world of young adult fiction, has died at the age of 100. In addition to writing popular novels like , , and , Eyerly was also a . She campaigned to reduce the stigma of mental illness, and to…

Breaking Dawn: What To Expect When You're Expecting... A Vampire

First, a confession: some of us hadn't heard of Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn »8/07/08 3:00pm8/07/08 3:00pm until a reader asked us to cover it. But tips kept pouring in, and we realized that this young adult novel, the fourth installment of Meyer's Saga and featuring both teenage werewolves and teenage vampires, is actually a huge deal. At a…