Hell Yes: The Director of Frozen Is Adapting A Wrinkle in Time

Great news if you've got a glasses-wearing, math-loving girl in your life: Jennifer Lee, the cowriter and director of Frozen, will be adapting beloved O.G. young-adult novel A Wrinkle in Time. You know, the one where pissy, mulish scientists' daughter Meg Murry goes skipping across space and time to find her missing… » 8/05/14 3:40pm 8/05/14 3:40pm

Meryl Streep Playing a Rock Star? Yes, Please.

Meryl Streep as a once-career-driven-now-retired rock star? Yes please. The Academy Award winner is attached to a script called Ricky and the Flash crafted by Juno writer Diablo Cody with Jonathan Demme as the director. Demme helmed the emotional, Anne Hathaway-led Rachel Getting Married. » 3/26/14 1:10pm 3/26/14 1:10pm

Noted Fabulist James Frey Sells YA Book Series to HarperCollins

Discredited memoir author and former Gawker intern James Frey has just signed a mega deal with publisher HarperCollins to produce a young-adult book series. » 1/22/14 11:28pm 1/22/14 11:28pm

Never Be Ashamed of Being an Adult Into Young Adult Novels

Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and now Divergent — young adult fiction is having a moment, and adults are part of it. » 10/11/13 5:15pm 10/11/13 5:15pm

Post-Apocalyptic YA Novel The Young World to Be Made into Movie

Yesterday, Warner Brothers won a bidding war for the movie rights to The Young World, the first in a trilogy of post-apocalyptic YA novels about a cataclysmic event that kills off everyone on earth not between the ages of 12 and 21. PARTY! Oh shit, nevermind, I would totally be dead. » 7/02/13 9:30am 7/02/13 9:30am

Get Ready: Hunger Games' Suzanne Collins Planning a New Teen Series

Collins spoke at last weekend's BookExpo America and revealed that she's bored of swimming in her money-shaped money pool and is now set to work on a new series of novels starring teens in turmoil. » 6/04/13 10:20am 6/04/13 10:20am

Jason Segel Is Writing YA. Sure, Why Not?

Jason Segel has the entire world of entertainment on lock. Is there anything this dude can't do? Acting, writing, relating to young adults via a series of not yet released books? This guy. Right? » 4/08/13 9:30pm 4/08/13 9:30pm

Forgotten Young Adult Books For Us to Devour

This is exciting for fans of old-school YA, and anyone who loves weird old books. So, um, I think that covers almost all Jezebel readers? Let's do this. » 4/04/13 11:30pm 4/04/13 11:30pm

White Folks Star in 90% of 2011's Young Adult Book Covers

Last year—riffing on a hand-wringy Wall Street Journal article about the thematic "darkness" of YA books—blogger Kate Hart created a "YA Cover Color Wheel," sorting the top titles of 2010 by their literal colors. Then she dug into some more pointed analysis of "where YA covers are most definitely NOT dark:… » 5/21/12 3:10pm 5/21/12 3:10pm

Guys Read Judy Blume Too, and Not Just for the “Dirty Bits”

Young adult fiction has a rich and evolving history. But few writers have ever had the enduring success and cultural influence of Judy Blume. Having sold more than 80 million copies, many of her books remain in print (and widely read) 40 years or more after they were first published. Her influence on several… » 4/06/12 6:00pm 4/06/12 6:00pm

Grown-Ups In Awkward Ensembles At The Young Adult Premiere

The new Diablo Cody/Jason Reitman film, Young Adult, opened to wide release yesterday. The red carpet fashion was surprisingly modest, which seems fitting for a film whose power lies mostly in the small, nuanced moments rather than the sweepingly dramatic ones. » 12/16/11 3:20pm 12/16/11 3:20pm

Sick Of Tired Chick Flick Clichés? So Is Diablo Cody.

In the last decade or so, women have been inundated with movies created "for" us — cloying romantic comedies in which the heroine is charming but clumsy/insecure/desperate; in which she can have a "cool" job but can never truly successful. And, as we learned in that Tad Friend piece about Anna Faris in The New Yorker » 12/16/11 11:40am 12/16/11 11:40am

The Simpsons Know The Secret For Writing The Perfect Tween Novel

Last night's Simpsons dove into the world of fiction writing in an episode titled "The Book Job." Lisa was disgusted with Homer's periodical of choice — JetSki Wanter magazine — which was written by a committee of writers. So Homer got the idea to gather Springfield's best and brightest and work on a YA novel! The… » 11/21/11 5:20pm 11/21/11 5:20pm

Charlize Theron's Eyes Are The True Stars In Young Adult

Jaded, drunk, bitter, disillusioned… Charlize Theron's Mavis — the main character in Young Adult — is a kind of a girl after our own hearts. In this trailer, the character comes off as scheming and unlikeable, but with that glimmer of desperation and depression that can be all-too familiar. As seen in this trailer,… » 10/07/11 1:40pm 10/07/11 1:40pm

Young Adult Poster Gives Us Hope

Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody have paired up again to bring us Young Adult, a movie about an author of YA novels (Charlize Theron) who moves back home to pursue her happily-married high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson). From the looks of this poster, her plan might not have worked out so well. On the bright side,… » 9/07/11 5:45pm 9/07/11 5:45pm

Charlize Theron To Star In Diablo Cody's Next Movie

Diablo Cody's next movie will be a Juno reunion of sorts, with Jason Reitman directing and the same production company. A likely new addition: Charlize Theron, to star as a stalker ex-girlfriend — an "anti-hero," in Cody's words. » 8/03/10 3:30pm 8/03/10 3:30pm

Diablo Cody's Anti-Hero Stalker

Diablo Cody regrets The United States Of Tara's first season. But no need to dwell: With the Juno team, Cody is working on Young Adult, about "a thirtysomething, divorced writer in Minneapolis" who tries to woo her married-with-a-kid ex-boyfriend. » 3/25/10 10:00am 3/25/10 10:00am