This $347 Yoga Mat Doubles as an Instructor, Better Be Worth It

If you ever wanted to have a one-sided conversation with your yoga mat, then that is very cool. But also, you're in luck because there is a thing called a SmartMat. It's smart, it's a yoga mat, and it uses your measurements to guide your alignment and alert you whenever your cat poses are a little too catty. » 10/06/14 7:45pm 10/06/14 7:45pm

​Judge Issues Final Dismissals of Lululemon Lawsuits

The long, convoluted, and just plain awful battle between sheer leggings purveyor Lululemon and its shareholders has finally come to an unfulfilling end because apparently there's no real legal statue regarding being an asshole. Chicago Tribune reports that in the past week or so, US District Judge Katherine Forrest… » 4/20/14 12:30pm 4/20/14 12:30pm

I Lead Inspirational Retreats… And I'm Struggling With Depression

I'm tired. I just spent a week leading a retreat with 22 women, and although I mostly love what I do, I found myself this week understanding, for the first time really, what it means to be emotionally exhausted. I'm awake and filled with gratitude, but I'm drained. How long can one person wear so many hats? Yoga… » 4/15/14 3:00pm 4/15/14 3:00pm

Yoga Isn't 'For Ladies' and Weights Aren't 'For Men'

Women make up slightly less than half of the NFL's fanbase. They're going to college in larger numbers than men. They're the Senators grabbing the legislative branch by the collar and dragging the country away from fiscal precipice. And yet! it's still weird for us when we try to use the weight room at a new gym. When… » 10/24/13 11:04am 10/24/13 11:04am

Santa Barbara Yoga Studio Gives Out Do-Rags at 'Ghetto Fabulous' Class

A lily white yoga studio in idyllic Santa Barbara, California recently held a "Ghetto Fabulous" yoga class. In preparation, students were instructed to wear cornrows, snapback caps and heavy lipliner along with their lululemon leggings. Who knew gang signs could be so cute?! The invite promised to provide "various… » 9/04/13 11:10am 9/04/13 11:10am

Bikram Yoga Founder Hates Sluts and Fatties, Loves Talking About Dicks

An ex-employee and two former students recently accused Bikram Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury of a variety of not-so-enlightening practices including rape, sexual harassment, and racism. According to a woman who trained with the cultish guru in Los Angeles, Choudhury doesn't limit his repulsive behavior to his close… » 8/08/13 5:00pm 8/08/13 5:00pm

Bikram Yoga Founder Accused of Rape, Sexual Harassment, Racism

Bikram Choudhury, the man who founded the now-ubiquitous and wildly trendy Bikram Yoga practice, is now facing allegations of rape, sexual harassment, racism, and homophobia from a former employee. This is the third accusation against the yoga guru: in May, IBT reported that he was accused of rape by two of his… » 8/07/13 4:25pm 8/07/13 4:25pm

I'm a Size 18 Yogi, and Lululemon Can Kiss My Fat Ass

Lululemon, like many major retailers before them, likes to pretend that a size 4 is the size of the average woman in the United States. Despite much evidence to the contrary, they cater their overpriced wares to an America that doesn't exist, and have no desire to change their dumb-ass ways. Therefore, I meant what I… » 8/01/13 11:10am 8/01/13 11:10am

Parents Might Sue School Over Kid Yoga Classes, Probably Thinks They…

A group of parents in Encinitas, CA are outraged that a local school is teaching the cult of yoga to their impressionable youth. Worried that their kids will forget all about the great Jesus Christ and start following that slut Ganesha down the path of temptation to get away from their Christian off-spring.… » 10/22/12 10:35pm 10/22/12 10:35pm

Yes, You Can Do Yoga On Your Period

Most of the myths concerning what women can't do during their periods — hang out around bears, swim, get pregnant, share a tent with menfolk — are easily debunked. But despite all of the fun-loving, white yoga pants-wearing gals jumping around in tampon commercials, no one seems to know whether it's actually safe to… » 8/16/12 11:40am 8/16/12 11:40am

World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Might Also Be World's Happiest Person

For a while, we thought that 91-year-old Bernice Bates of Florida was the world's oldest yoga instructor, but it turns out the Guinness Book of World Records has just given 93-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch the official title. She's been teaching yoga for 61 years, and it has kept her in amazing shape. She loves doing it,… » 5/17/12 10:25am 5/17/12 10:25am