L.L. Bean Recreates the Magic of Old Catalogs with the Magic of Photoshop

Catalog nerds like me and Dodai will be excited to learn that L.L. Bean is marking its 100th anniversary by recreating four of its iconic old illustrated catalog covers with modern photography. And the judicious application of Photoshop filters. There's a video that shows how it was done for the first new/old cover.… »2/02/12 4:40pm2/02/12 4:40pm

The International Male 1986 Holiday Catalog: The Recockulous Jackpot!

Yesterday we saw the best and the worst of two International Male catalogs from the summer of 1986, but there's one more flea market find I had to share with you guys: The 1986 Holiday catalog. Can't you tell from the tuxedo shirt and saxophone on the cover that untold treasures lie inside? Fringed leather jackets!… »8/20/08 3:00pm8/20/08 3:00pm

The Best & Worst Of 'International Male,' Summer 1986

A few months ago, in an exhaustive feat of research, we found the worst outfit in the International Male catalog. And then, over the weekend: A flea market find! Issues of International Male from Summer 1986. Rayon! Army shorts! Faux eyeglasses! Underwear! The best — meaning worst — of the pages, after the jump. »8/19/08 1:59pm8/19/08 1:59pm