So Who Exactly Is Behind This Outrageously Racist Law Firm Ad?

Let's say you're in need of a lawyer, but, for some twisted reason, you're only willing to hire someone who reminds you of Mickey Rooney's I.Y. Yunioshi character from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Well, you're in luck! Here's an ad supposedly released by Alabama law firm McCutcheon and Hamner, which features a white dude… »12/03/13 11:20am12/03/13 11:20am

Walking Dead Porn Parody Relies on Yellowface

Known for its hardcore X-rated parodies of the horror genre—Evil Head, Fuckenstein, Re-Penetrator to name a few (links NSFW)—porn company Burning Angel just wrapped filming on its spoof of AMC's The Walking Dead. Writer/director/actress Joanna Angel published behind-the-scenes photos of the cast in makeup on her blog.… »1/31/13 12:45pm1/31/13 12:45pm

Yellowface Alive and Well in Wachowski Starship's Cloud Atlas

I went to see Pitch Perfect last night and during the previews, while I should've been preparing my vocal chords to harmonize with Anna Camp, I was thrust out of my movie enjoyment by an upsetting trailer that had me looking around the theater like, "You all seeing the same thing I'm seeing because EXSQUEEZE ME WHAT?" »10/07/12 10:00pm10/07/12 10:00pm

Crystal Renn Wasn't Trying To 'Look Asian' In That Eye Tape Shoot

Recently, a Japanese Vogue spread for which Crystal Renn had taped her temples garnered a lot of controversy when a behind-the-scenes video showed the tape (which didn't appear in the final spread thanks to the magic of Photoshop). Given fashion spreads that glorify or reference blackface have become common in… »9/07/11 5:20pm9/07/11 5:20pm