Watch the Full Version of Kim and Kanye's Krazy Engagement

Back in October, Kanye West put on an elaborate production of his proposal to Kim Kardashian in a baseball stadium—replete with pyrotechnics, a Jumbotron, and a 90-piece orchestra—with the exclusive film rights going to E! for Kim's reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Here is how it all went down. »2/17/14 4:15pm2/17/14 4:15pm

Kanye West Debuts Second Collection for A.P.C. With Lengthy Speech

Kanye West debuted his second capsule collection over the weekend at A.P.C.'s headquarters in Paris. Presenting six different menswear looks, Kanye first gave a five minute monologue, with some confusing analogies, about how he wishes that people would see him as more than just the best rapper in the world. »1/21/14 5:20pm1/21/14 5:20pm

Bret Easton Ellis Actually Wrote Kanye's Terrible American Psycho Clip

King Douche Kanye West (the douche you love) is a big fan of King Douche Bret Easton Ellis (the douche you hate) — so much so that he paid homage to the author during the promotion of Yeezus by recreating the iconic Huey Lewis & the News scene from the film American Psycho, which is based on Ellis' novel of the same… »7/26/13 2:40pm7/26/13 2:40pm

The 9 Best Sex Tips from Kanye West's New Album 'Yeezus'

Like every other cool person with a rich, fulfilling social life in the BIG CITY, I spent the weekend bopping around to Kanye West's leaked new album Yeezus. And even though I expect any Kanye joint to be the sonic equivalent of a load of angry jizz in my earhole, this album seemed especially rife with sexual… »6/18/13 11:20am6/18/13 11:20am

Kanye West Inceptionizes Us With 'American Psycho' Music Video

We all know from our trusty friends at every gossip magazine or site that Kanye West is a terrible boyfriend to Kim, and that he is a distant observer obsessed with his artistic pursuit. Well, in the ultimate surprise move, Kanye West demonstrates he knows what is up with the Kardashian clan: he filmed an 'American… »6/10/13 4:45pm6/10/13 4:45pm