'Sexy Yearbook' Teen and Her Mother Arrested for Being Complete Messes

Earlier this year, high school senior Sydney Spies gained national notoriety when her school's yearbook committee rejected a photograph in which she wore a scarf as a tube/crop top. (Think Christina Aguilera circa "Genie in a Bottle." Sydney called her look "artistic" on the Today Show at the time.) »8/14/12 4:00pm8/14/12 4:00pm

Sexy Student With Sexy Yearbook Picture Has Her Mom's Support

Sydney Spies was on the Today show this morning, discussing the "provocative" photograph that her peers on the yearbook committee banned from being published. "I guess it is artistic," Matt Lauer allowed, "it is also not your run-of-the-mill yearbook photo." Matt asked Sydney's mother, Miki, if she thought the image… »1/09/12 11:00am1/09/12 11:00am

Sexy Student's Sexy Yearbook Photo Banned for Being Sexy

A Colorado school district is embroiled in sexy, sexy scandal after a senior girl's picture was barred from the pages of its yearbook on the grounds that it depicted the dress code being violated and was therefore too sexy. She's organized a protest, asserting that she has a right to be sexy in the yearbook. If only… »1/06/12 11:30am1/06/12 11:30am

Ann Coulter's Nonsensical Hatemongering: A Retrospective

Ann Coulter turns 50 today! We didn't get her a gift since she's basically the worst, but has put together a slideshow of Coulter's different looks throughout the years, coupled with some of her most notable quotes, such as, "Even Islamic terrorists don't hate America like liberals do. They don't have the… »12/08/11 10:16pm12/08/11 10:16pm

Yearbook Pics Show Cheerleader Michele Bachmann & 'Most Likely To Succeed' Herman Cain

When these yearbook photos were snapped, no one could have known that one day Michele Bachmann would be cheering for ill-informed people with a strange affinity for stapling tea bags to their person. And who would have guessed that Hermain Cain, the boy voted "Most Likely To Succeed," would one day bungle a… »11/08/11 11:19pm11/08/11 11:19pm

Sarah Palin's Yearbook Message: 'Hey Jerk-Off, Stay Sober'

Ah, youth! When we were so full of guff, so apt to call someone a "jerk off." Check out this recently unearthed message, penned in 1981 at Wasilla High School, in which Sarah Palin urged a friend to have a good summer and "stay sober." Chances are, this was not a missive for fellow Wasilla High student Todd Palin —… »10/28/11 2:50pm10/28/11 2:50pm