Teen Girl Superheros Fight 'Nerd Discrimination'

One of the truest truisms of all is that high school sucks for a lot of people. At worst, it can be a stultifying, judgmental, depressing environment (with obvious exceptions — however, I think we can all agree that the narrative of the "downtrodden nerd who prevails at long last" is as ubiquitous as unappealing… » 6/06/13 6:30pm 6/06/13 6:30pm

Amazing 15-Year-Old Girl Will Probably Be The First Astronaut On Mars

What were you accomplishing with the power of social media when you were fifteen? If you were like me, you were color-coding your AIM profile with artistic precision and uploading Legolas fanart to DeviantArt.com. If you were like current high school sophomore Abigail Harrison, you were communicating with NASA… » 5/06/13 3:30pm 5/06/13 3:30pm

13 Reasons the World Is Still Awesome

Happy Monday. Last week sucked — fuck last week. THAT SAID, the world still has some stuff going for it, and because seeing the great things is not something that comes naturally to many of us, let's take a moment to reflect on how the world is rad and wonderful. Why not? The alternative is to down a bottle of Celexa… » 4/22/13 12:40pm 4/22/13 12:40pm

25-Year-Old Activist Finally Accomplishes Something, Is Voted Germany's Sexiest Female Politician

Marina Weisband, a leading member of Germany's Pirate Party (yes, Germany has a Pirate Party — this is what we miss out on when we stick with a two party system) has been voted Germany's Sexiest female politician in a poll by Playboy, having claimed 29% of the vote. » 1/18/13 1:50pm 1/18/13 1:50pm

Solange's Latest Performance Is an Excellent Reminder of Her Eternal Coolness

As a part of her rounds to promote her new (and fantastic) EP True, Solange stopped by Late Night last night to perform her single "Losing You." Not only did she look fantastic (seriously, this green suit — coupled with her outfits in the "Losing You" video — really does solidify her place as one of the coolest girls… » 12/11/12 10:45pm 12/11/12 10:45pm

Ikea Monkey's Name Is Darwin, He's Now Living Happily at a Sanctuary

This past Sunday, a seven-month-old rhesus macaque, wearing a solitary Ugg boot as a jacket, was found wandering an Ikea parking lot in Toronto. It caused quite a stir as you don't see a primate in a baby-sized shearling coat roaming through Grönkulla towel sets and Knutstorp wicker baskets everyday. » 12/11/12 9:30am 12/11/12 9:30am

Jezebel's New Mobile Site — And The Return Of Hearts!

Ta-da! Jezebel's shiny new mobile site has finally launched. It loads quickly, looks pretty, and has some neat bells and whistles: Much like on our regular site, you can watch videos, look at the most popular stories (the flame icon), decide whether you want to read featured comments or all of 'em, and you can even… » 5/23/11 3:57pm 5/23/11 3:57pm