Angry Woman on Subway Proves Crochetspreading Is Serious Business

Here's a life lesson: Don't mess with fiber crafters. They've got yarn, they've got needles and, if they've got both the yarn and the needles out on the subway, they've got precious little left to lose. If they're willing to risk a sharp poke to the eye just so they can do a few more rows on their granny square,… » 3/09/15 12:30pm 3/09/15 12:30pm

I Just Discovered Vanna White Is America's Favorite Crocheter And I…

So I was futzing around on the Interwebs today, looking for some shit about the Walk of Fame (yeah, I have no life. Zero.) And I found out that Vanna White has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Which, if you follow the career of television spokespersons as closely as most people do, you probably already knew that. » 10/17/13 9:31pm 10/17/13 9:31pm

How To Make A Felted Soap

My mum had a cookbook called Half A Can Of Tomato Paste And Other Culinary Dilemmas that sat on our kitchen bookshelf when I was a little kid. (I remember her explaining to me what a dilemma was one night while she was microwaving me some Milo.) If someone were to concoct a book on crafts and pitch it at my particular… » 10/07/11 6:00pm 10/07/11 6:00pm

Crocheted Art & Yarn Bombing Inspire Fuzzy Feelings

Got $90,000? You may want to consider buying an art installation consisting of entire apartment covered in crocheted yarn. The piece is by the artist known as Olek — she's the one who made a cozy for the Wall Street Bull back in December. » 5/19/11 2:20pm 5/19/11 2:20pm

Knitting Vandals Launch Purl Attack

A group of night-stalking, needle-wielding vandals are decorating the trees of Cape May, NJ, with hand-knitted yarn sleeves. The cunning crafters, who call themselves the Salty Knitters, say they intend to persevere in the face of community countermeasures. [CBS] » 3/24/10 6:40pm 3/24/10 6:40pm