Yahoo Gives Katie Couric $4 Million Raise to Do What She's Always Done

Roughly a year and a half ago, Yahoo dot com hired Katie Couric to do some stuff for them. Since then, Couric has landed some high-profile interviews, which has apparently warranted her a pay bump from $6 million a year to $10 million a year, despite the lack of originality in her content or an indication that a lot… »6/15/15 5:00pm

Taylor Swift Is the Girl Everyone Thinks She Is in 'Blank Space' Video

Yahoo blew its load Monday morning, releasing the new Taylor Swift video for "Blank Space" before it was ready. They pulled the video, but it's still making its way around the internet (Update: it is now live and embedded below), and is (like the song) a fuck you to all those people who think Taylor is (in her words) " »11/10/14 12:10pm

In What Universe Is Christina Hendricks' Body an 'Imperfection'?

An article called "Stars Who Embrace Their Imperfections — Not Your Average Hollywood Lookers" is obviously going to be idiotic because, Jesus Christ, "perfect" is hardly even a real thing. I know, I know — symmetry and proportions and blah blah blah, but when it comes to real life and real attraction, all of that… »9/20/12 6:45pm

Cool Boss Marissa Mayer Is Giving New Smartphones to Yahoo Employees

In her effort to be the cool new Yahoo boss who has pre-cocktail hour cocktails at two and designates the third Wednesday of every month as Cookie Potluck Day, Marissa Mayer recently sent a memo to all full time (and part time!) Yahoo employees in the US informing them Oprah-style that they all get...smartphones!! Not… »9/16/12 11:30am

Marissa Mayer Can Buy 100 Million Things From the Dollar Store Thanks to Her New Yahoo Contract

Marissa Mayer, who this week was announced as the new CEO of the Christian Slater of internet companies, is soon going to become one of those ridiculously blinged-out corporate executives that people complain about all the time. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mayer's contract is worth as much as $100 million in… »7/20/12 10:25am