Trailer for The Book Thief Will Shame You into Reading a Book

The Book Thief, the upcoming, award-baiting movie based on Markus Zusak’s beloved YA novel, will almost certainly reaffirm two key principles of modern filmmaking: Nazis are the perfect villains and Geoffery Rush is a really good actor. An odd, maudlin voice-over comes in about halfway through this trailer, which… »8/25/13 4:30pm8/25/13 4:30pm


Carole Geithner’s YA Novel Sounds Like Harry Potter, Minus All the Magic

What was your favorite part of the Harry Potter saga? Was it the delightfully rich and textured universe of mythical creatures author J.K. Rowling created? Maybe, though, you don't go for the frivolous stuff, and your favorite moments came in the early books, when Harry was living under the stairs at his aunt and… »5/28/12 11:00am5/28/12 11:00am

Lucky Magazine's YA-Inspired Fashion Spread is the Best Thing Ever

In my new favorite magazine feature of all time, Lucky Magazine put together almost 50 slides of "fashion inspired by awesome teen novels." The slideshow includes obvious but fun choices like The Hunger Games (with day and night "fire dress" options) and Twilight, but there's also The Babysitters Club (Claudia would »2/25/12 11:37am2/25/12 11:37am