10 Classic Young Adult Novels That Would Make Amazing Movies

Fans have been waiting over 20 years for a movie version of Lois Lowry's The Giver, and we're finally getting one this weekend. But this isn't the only classic novel that's overdue for a movie adaptation. Here are 10 beloved YA novels that would make for incredible movies... and why they probably won't get adapted. » 8/12/14 4:14pm 8/12/14 4:14pm

Stephenie Meyer Is Here to Ruin Everything Good About Your Childhood

If you were a fan of easy-to-read horror and suspense during the halcyon days of your middle school youth, you will be devastated to learn that "Head Mary Sue" Stephenie Meyer has decided to go where no one invited her: Down the dark hall of producing films based on the work of Lois Duncan. God help us all. » 8/04/14 5:00pm 8/04/14 5:00pm

Noted Fabulist James Frey Sells YA Book Series to HarperCollins

Discredited memoir author and former Gawker intern James Frey has just signed a mega deal with publisher HarperCollins to produce a young-adult book series. » 1/22/14 11:28pm 1/22/14 11:28pm

Never Be Ashamed of Being an Adult Into Young Adult Novels

Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and now Divergent — young adult fiction is having a moment, and adults are part of it. » 10/11/13 5:15pm 10/11/13 5:15pm

Which Childhood Books Turned You into a Reader?

According to a new study out of the University of London’s Institute of Education, kids who spend time reading for fun perform better in school than kids who don't (buncha nerds). » 9/13/13 4:55pm 9/13/13 4:55pm

Post-Apocalyptic YA Novel The Young World to Be Made into Movie

Yesterday, Warner Brothers won a bidding war for the movie rights to The Young World, the first in a trilogy of post-apocalyptic YA novels about a cataclysmic event that kills off everyone on earth not between the ages of 12 and 21. PARTY! Oh shit, nevermind, I would totally be dead. » 7/02/13 9:30am 7/02/13 9:30am

Get Ready: Hunger Games' Suzanne Collins Planning a New Teen Series

Collins spoke at last weekend's BookExpo America and revealed that she's bored of swimming in her money-shaped money pool and is now set to work on a new series of novels starring teens in turmoil. » 6/04/13 10:20am 6/04/13 10:20am

Jason Segel Is Writing YA. Sure, Why Not?

Jason Segel has the entire world of entertainment on lock. Is there anything this dude can't do? Acting, writing, relating to young adults via a series of not yet released books? This guy. Right? » 4/08/13 9:30pm 4/08/13 9:30pm

Forgotten Young Adult Books For Us to Devour

This is exciting for fans of old-school YA, and anyone who loves weird old books. So, um, I think that covers almost all Jezebel readers? Let's do this. » 4/04/13 11:30pm 4/04/13 11:30pm

'New Adult' Fiction Has Tons of Sexy Sex for the Millennial Reader…

You're, let's say, a young adult floating in that hazy 18-25-year-old range where you may or may not be resisting grown-up responsibilities by playing Arkanoid and drinking Pepsi Max in your parents' basement. Maybe you recently embarked on a month-long project to re-read all the Harry Potter books and thereby… » 12/22/12 3:00pm 12/22/12 3:00pm

White Folks Star in 90% of 2011's Young Adult Book Covers

Last year—riffing on a hand-wringy Wall Street Journal article about the thematic "darkness" of YA books—blogger Kate Hart created a "YA Cover Color Wheel," sorting the top titles of 2010 by their literal colors. Then she dug into some more pointed analysis of "where YA covers are most definitely NOT dark:… » 5/21/12 3:10pm 5/21/12 3:10pm

YA Books Aren't Teaching Kids How to Swear, But Let's Go Ahead and…

You'd think, given how much concern we're constantly professing about kids these days, that we'd be happy anytime they picked up a goddamn book rather than playing a video game in which they're murdering people or slutting it up by sexting with their friends. Well, not so! Professor Sarah Coyne, of Brigham Young… » 5/18/12 10:00am 5/18/12 10:00am

Beloved YA Author in War With Bank of America

Today in depressing housing-market news, YA author Francesca Lia Block could lose her home because the bank won't return her calls. The author of the Weetzie Bat books is underwater on her mortgage due to the recession. To make things more complicated, the mortgage is in her mom's name, and her mom is now dead. To… » 3/13/12 5:30pm 3/13/12 5:30pm

The Simpsons Know The Secret For Writing The Perfect Tween Novel

Last night's Simpsons dove into the world of fiction writing in an episode titled "The Book Job." Lisa was disgusted with Homer's periodical of choice — JetSki Wanter magazine — which was written by a committee of writers. So Homer got the idea to gather Springfield's best and brightest and work on a YA novel! The… » 11/21/11 5:20pm 11/21/11 5:20pm

Tyra Banks Says Writing A Book Gave Her Alopecia

Tyra Banks says it took five years to write her New York Times best-selling sci-fi Young Adult novel, Modelland. Characters like Tookie de la Creme don't name themselves, ladies! (Seriously though: her poor, ignored ghost-writer.) Ty-Ty got the idea while in the back of a car, wrote it down on a piece of paper, and… » 10/18/11 12:30pm 10/18/11 12:30pm

Read The First Chapter Of Tyra Banks' Modelland

The first chapter of Tyra Banks' much-anticipated writing debut has hit the net, and, well, it's pretty much exactly as-advertised. Banks had hyped the Young Adult series as a mix of the life of a model and the Harry Potter series, and from what we can garner from the sample selection at Barnes & Noble, her… » 8/11/11 7:00pm 8/11/11 7:00pm

Gossip Girl Gets Real: A YA Novelist Speaks

Much of the past decade's popular young adult literature geared towards teen girls reads like a PG-13 version of Sex and the City. But Nini Simone's characters deal with crack-addicted mothers, runaway siblings, and teen pregnancy. » 10/28/10 11:12am 10/28/10 11:12am

Magic Under Glass: The White-Washing Of Young Adult Fiction Continues

Last year, Bloomsbury chose a white cover model for a YA novel about a black girl. They fixed it — but now they've done it again. » 1/18/10 4:00pm 1/18/10 4:00pm