xoVain Editors Get the Dove Treatment and Look Like They Look

Remember that Dove Beauty campaign that made you realize how hard you are on yourself and if only you bought Dove products you'd feel better? The editors at the beauty site xoVain may have proved that, in fact, you are just as beautiful as you think you are (or that they're a remarkably good-looking bunch of people). »5/30/13 5:20pm5/30/13 5:20pm

Snooki Gets a Makeunder From XOJane's New Beauty Site

Today, Say Media launched its new beauty site—an offshoot of XOJane called XOVain—with a makeunder of Snooki. As far as celebrities with over-the-top looks go, Snooki seems like a real "get." With all of her artifice—extensions, acrylic nails, false lashes, pushup bra, etc.—it would seem that she could be dramatically… »3/02/13 3:00pm3/02/13 3:00pm