Daisy Coleman's Family to Start a Rehab Center for Trauma Victims

In an essay published on xoJane Monday by Melinda Coleman, the mother of the girl at the center of the closed Maryville rape case reveals further details about her daughter Daisy's recent suicide attempt, the harassment the family has experienced and their plans to open a rehabilitation center for young people who have … » 1/20/14 1:30pm 1/20/14 1:30pm

Maryville's Daisy Coleman: 'I'm different now...I can't ever go back'

On Friday, xoJane published an essay written by Daisy Coleman, one of two girls at the center of the firestorm that is the Maryville rape case. The details of Coleman's story are much the same as they've been told before, but now they're fully in her own words, in almost excrutiating detail. And also, she's thanking a… » 10/18/13 1:30pm 10/18/13 1:30pm

It Happened to Her: xoJane Screwed Up Her Disney World Rape Story

I've long hesitated to write much criticism about fellow ladyblogs. It's not a matter of camaraderie or believing that our peers are immune to criticism. It's more like: We're all trying to do our own thing and do it in our own ways, as best we can and, yes, I am aware, it's not like Jezebel is perfect. What's the… » 6/18/13 6:35pm 6/18/13 6:35pm

How Not to Be an Ugly American on Your Vacation in a Conflict Country

You packed your sandals, several bikinis (with a sarong so you can blend into your exotic environment) and you've even Instagrammed several potential outfits, but then you hear the awful news: Your exotic travel destination just erupted with political protests and violent government crackdowns. Oh noes! But can you… » 6/07/13 11:40am 6/07/13 11:40am

Snooki Gets a Makeunder From XOJane's New Beauty Site

Today, Say Media launched its new beauty site—an offshoot of XOJane called XOVain—with a makeunder of Snooki. As far as celebrities with over-the-top looks go, Snooki seems like a real "get." With all of her artifice—extensions, acrylic nails, false lashes, pushup bra, etc.—it would seem that she could be dramatically… » 3/02/13 3:00pm 3/02/13 3:00pm

'Girls' Finally Tackles Ladyblogs

During the first season of Girls, I wondered why Hannah didn't have a blog. Her self-obsession, lack of privacy boundaries, and conviction that she has important things to say about the mundane ("the voice of a generation") are all qualities that lend themselves well to the kind of confessional pageview bait that… » 1/28/13 1:30pm 1/28/13 1:30pm

Drugs, Blogs, and Cat Marnell: What Happens When One Woman's Addiction…

Now that Cat Marnell has left her post as beauty editor at xoJane—where, as the site's "beauty and health director" she infamously chronicled the intimate and more fucked-up details of her life like her drug abuse, mental health, and strained relationships—readers are wondering: What Will Happen Next? After all, the… » 6/18/12 2:35pm 6/18/12 2:35pm