NBC Has Awful Sounding Wuthering Heights Adaptation in the Works

Were you hoping for yet another big screen adaptation of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights? No? Okay, but what about a TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights that takes place in modern day Napa Valley? Whether that's what you want or not ("It's not," says everybody), that's exactly what you might be getting. » 9/26/12 6:00pm 9/26/12 6:00pm

Moors, Heartbreak and Betrayal: The Breathtaking Trailer for Wuthering Heights

Safe to say that Wuthering Heights is one of the most disturbing "love" stories ever told. In spite of (or perhaps because of) the abuse and manipulation that occurs within the pages of Emily Brontë's classic novel, the tale has endured as a favorite being retold and committed to film time and time again. Wuthering… » 9/07/12 5:50pm 9/07/12 5:50pm

We Hate It When A Boy Breaks Up With Us & We Die Of Consumption

A few years ago we were really really sick. Everything's all cool now, but to make us feel better, a friend of ours told us that we were a Jane Austen heroine and that we merely had a case of consumption as a result of broken heart. It was fun to practice a consumptive cough and fan ourselves. But we got to thinking,… » 10/26/07 7:00pm 10/26/07 7:00pm