Lawsuit: Nasty Gal's #GIRLBOSS Fired Employees For Getting Pregnant

A new lawsuit claims that hip, woman-led clothing company Nasty Gal is “a horrible place to work for professional women who become pregnant,” accusing the company of illegally firing four pregnant women. The suit, filed by ex-employee Aimee Concepcion, says Nasty Gal terminated her and three other women, as well as… »6/09/15 10:15am6/09/15 10:15am


Former Manhattan Guidance Counselor Fired Over Decade-Old Lingerie Photos Sues for Wrongful Termination

The internet is a lot like a blob of Gak — it picks up every little piece of dirt, grime, and lint, and cannot, no matter how hard one tries, be cleaned up. A well-respected high school guidance counselor in Manhattan named Tiffany Webb found that out the soul-crushing, almost-at-tenure way last December when pictures… »10/07/12 3:30pm10/07/12 3:30pm