Former Manhattan Guidance Counselor Fired Over Decade-Old Lingerie…

The internet is a lot like a blob of Gak — it picks up every little piece of dirt, grime, and lint, and cannot, no matter how hard one tries, be cleaned up. A well-respected high school guidance counselor in Manhattan named Tiffany Webb found that out the soul-crushing, almost-at-tenure way last December when pictures… » 10/07/12 3:30pm 10/07/12 3:30pm

Halliburton's "Policy Against Procreation"?

Former Halliburton employee Lynda Darden is suing the company for sex discrimination and wrongful termination. Court filings allege that she was fired because "she apparently violated the company's policy against procreation." » 12/28/10 1:28pm 12/28/10 1:28pm