Sharing Someone Else's Pain: A Question of Tact via David Sedaris

David Sedaris penned a fantastic piece in The New Yorker about the suicide death of his youngest sister, Tiffany. In it, he talks about Tiffany's slow descent into depression by way of horrific living conditions and mental illness. This is framed, interestingly, by a family vacation he paid for shortly after her death. » 10/21/13 9:00pm 10/21/13 9:00pm

Scarlett Johansson Sues French Author for Using Her Name

A word of caution to aspiring novelists: when describing people in your masterpiece, try not to cheat by saying they look like celebrities. Sure, it may be an expedient way to swiftly move on from the tedious task of using phrases like "sweep of the brow" or "razor-beaked smile," but, in the end, some particularly… » 6/09/13 4:00pm 6/09/13 4:00pm