Taping Your Face Won't Fix Your Wrinkles, But It Will Help You Look Like a Crazy Person

Of all the insane things that people have done to appear youthful throughout time — injecting fillers into your face, eating tapeworms, bathing in virgins' blood (and those are just the preferred procedures of Kenny Rogers. Haha! Relevant!) — using tape to smooth out your wrinkles actually ranks pretty low on the… »4/09/13 2:40pm

World's First Anti-Wrinkle Pill Proven To Make You Look (Sort Of) Younger

Soon instead of just rubbing yourself down with various creams in a futile attempt to get rid of wrinkles, you can start popping lots of pills. Unilever is releasing a capsule that combats wrinkling in deep layers of skin, and scientific testing shows that the drug may reduce the appearance of lines ever so slightly! »9/22/11 12:23am