Miley Cyrus Dedicated Her VMA to Homeless Young People

Instead of accepting her VMA for Video of the Year for the Terry Richardson-directed "Wrecking Ball," Miley Cyrus had a young man named Jesse accept the award for her on behalf of "the 1.6 million runaways and homeless youth in the United States who are starving, lost and scared for their lives right now." » 8/24/14 11:34pm 8/24/14 11:34pm

The Dixie Chicks Cover 'Wrecking Ball' And It's Everything You'll Want

Miley's been doing a lot of covers lately. It seems that a new one pops up almost every week while she's on tour. First, she covered "Hey Ya," and then she brought out her glitter cap and cell phone (learn the lyrics, Miley!) to do "Landslide" to the delight of an arena full of fans (who sang along because you can't… » 3/29/14 6:15pm 3/29/14 6:15pm

When Bama Mom Meets Miley Cyrus, Magic Happens

There is nothing funny about a fight when it's happening. People are tense, someone is getting hurt, and drinks are possibly being spilled. But it can be okay to laugh after the danger has passed and the tension has dissipated. This is how I feel about this video of the Bama Mama fight set to Miley Cyrus' Wrecking… » 1/04/14 6:15pm 1/04/14 6:15pm

Bonkers 'Wrecking Ball' Remix Will Make You Cry Airhorn-Infused Tears

Advisory: What you are about to experience is a life-changing event. The latest remix from the lady DJ Detweiler is cross between a supernova, déjà vu, and the mind-shattering feeling of playing in a bouncy castle for the first time. You will be whispering the word "exclusive" for years to come. This, my friends,… » 12/06/13 12:00pm 12/06/13 12:00pm

Pendulum Statue Removed After College Kids Ride it Like Miley

Grand Valley State University officials in Allendale, Michigan removed a famous landmark on campus Tuesday morning due to “safety reasons.” The Pendulum Statue, a 42-inch steel ball hanging from a 50-foot cable, has been the vessel for many nude rides this week thanks to the release of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" » 9/17/13 10:55pm 9/17/13 10:55pm

A Guide to Understanding Miley Cyrus's New 'Wrecking Ball' Video

Miley Cyrus's new music video for her song "Wrecking Ball" will go down in history as one of the more important pieces of art to have ever been created. And one day, we will truly understand why Cyrus chose to include herself in an impressive roster of artists who have also titled their songs "Wrecking Ball", notably… » 9/09/13 2:30pm 9/09/13 2:30pm