Woman Manages to Sing All of the Year's Biggest Pop Songs Without Being Totally Insufferable

There are so many reasons why this video of YouTube singer Tasia Ann Thomas should be annoying — she's alone in her bedroom, singing to a webcam, wearing a cropped denim vest over another crop top and she opens with a song by fun. — and yet somehow she pulls the whole thing off and makes us like her. »12/28/12 6:35pm12/28/12 6:35pm

Didion's New Blue Nights Is Elegiac But Unsatisfying

There are some writers who enter our consciousness at just the right time and remain firmly lodged there for life, affecting, like a penny in a drinking fountain, the taste of everything that comes after. I am speaking primarily of the books one reads between about the ages of 17 and 20. Whether classics or assigned… »11/04/11 12:40pm11/04/11 12:40pm