"He Hardly Ever Called Her A Vicious Little Bitch Now..."

Is The Road To Forever's Owen Tudor the Worst 80s Romance Hero of All Time? I don't see how it can possibly get any worse than this creepy, incestuous, lecherous veterinarian from 1983! » 6/30/09 5:00pm 6/30/09 5:00pm

Worst 80's Romance Hero Contestant #2: Dr. Ralph Culver, Stormy…

Today's contender for worst 80's hero? A cold, hard-hearted radiologist with control issues and a penchant for mind games! » 6/25/09 5:00pm 6/25/09 5:00pm

Worst 80's Romance Hero, Contestant #1: Jay Courtland, Rules Of The Game

It's on! Who is the most loathesome, arrogant, sadistic, chauvinistic hero in the whole canon of early-80s romance, that hot-bed of appalling manhood? For out first contestant, we have a rapey, manipulative former footballer with a will of iron! » 6/22/09 6:40pm 6/22/09 6:40pm