The five worst Thanksgiving turkey cooking disasters

Fried turkey is delicious but if you don't know how to cook it properly you could end up burning your house down. Here's proof in the form of five fiery GIFs, the most violent fried turkey disasters on the internet. » 11/27/14 12:23pm 11/27/14 12:23pm

Here It Is: The Most Awful Profile On Tinder

If you understand awful to mean douchiest, which this is, by the way. Go home, everyone else wearing too much Acqua Di Gio; the position has been filled. » 9/16/14 11:30pm 9/16/14 11:30pm

​Man Steals Dog, TV from Woman On First Date, Returns Items Days Later

Over the weekend, one poor woman went through quite the ordeal. Last Thursday night, a New Jersey woman went on a first date with a man she met online. Seems pretty normal, right? Well, she decided to bring him home, and while she had her back turned in another room, buddy took the opportunity to take off with not… » 4/20/14 5:30pm 4/20/14 5:30pm

A word from Glamour: We've read your comments, every single one. Our ultimate goal here is to open a productive conversation about men, sex, love and dating; clearly, that can't happen when the majority of readers would like to pulverize the blogger. And so, we've decided it's time to move on; as of today, Mike is no… » 3/10/08 10:43am 3/10/08 10:43am