WTF? Ugliest Dog Contest Winner Walle Is Actually Pretty Cute

The World’s Ugliest Dog contest, an event for people who want to ritualistically shame dogs in a misguided effort to make dogs experience the same aesthetic insecurities that torment the human psyche, has chosen a winner, and no, it’s one of those hideous Chinese Cresteds that looks like it crawled out of a tarpit and… »6/22/13 12:06pm6/22/13 12:06pm

World's "Ugliest" Dog Dies • Oregon Town Elects First Transgender Mayor

• Gus, the holder of the title of "world's ugliest dog" has died »11/10/08 5:30pm11/10/08 5:30pm of cancer at the age of 9. • Kelly's "rape joke" on last week: ? • Trojan's "Evolve" campaign (you know, the ads with the pigs) attempts to make condoms a symbol of "" to sexual partners. • A suggests that babies placed in incubators are two to three…