WTF? Ugliest Dog Contest Winner Walle Is Actually Pretty Cute

The World’s Ugliest Dog contest, an event for people who want to ritualistically shame dogs in a misguided effort to make dogs experience the same aesthetic insecurities that torment the human psyche, has chosen a winner, and no, it’s one of those hideous Chinese Cresteds that looks like it crawled out of a tarpit and… » 6/22/13 12:06pm 6/22/13 12:06pm

Yoda, the World's Ugliest Dog, Passes Away at 15

The dog world has lost one of its most special members. Yoda, the Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix who was proudly crowned the 2011 World's Ugliest Dog, has died in her sleep at the age of 15. Terry Schumacher, her owner, is obviously very sad to lose her small scraggly friend and says she will miss, "her funny… » 3/15/12 10:30am 3/15/12 10:30am

New World's Ugliest Dog Was Mistaken For A Rat

You've probably heard the urban legend about people adopting foreign dogs that turn out to be sewer rats. Terry Schumacher of California actually thought her dog Yoda was a rat when she first saw her. She adopted the the 14-year-old Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix after finding her abandoned behind an apartment… » 6/26/11 10:26pm 6/26/11 10:26pm

World's "Ugliest" Dog Dies • Oregon Town Elects First Transgender Mayor

• Gus, the holder of the title of "world's ugliest dog" has died » 11/10/08 5:30pm 11/10/08 5:30pm of cancer at the age of 9. • Kelly's "rape joke" on last week: ? • Trojan's "Evolve" campaign (you know, the ads with the pigs) attempts to make condoms a symbol of "" to sexual partners. • A suggests that babies placed in incubators are two to three…