Why Do Black and Brown LGBTQ HIV Rates Keep Growing?

On the heels of World Aids Day on December 1, black and brown gay men are increasingly becoming the face of the disease. While this isn’t new information and statistics were sadly similar last year, the rate of infections among minoritiescontinues to grow. The New York Times reports that black and Hispanic gay men who… »12/06/13 2:50pm12/06/13 2:50pm

Obama Launches $100 Million Dollar HIV Research Initiative

Just one day after the 25th World AIDS Day, President Obama announced an initiative to find a cure for HIV infections that would be funded by $100 million shifted from existing spending. "The United States should be at the forefront of new discoveries into how to put people into long-term remission without requiring… »12/02/13 10:13pm12/02/13 10:13pm