New Startup Asks Women to Review Companies' Maternity Leave Policies

Many companies’ maternity leave policies are profoundly insufficient —but women often struggle to access this information before accepting a job offer. Fairygodboss, a new startup where women review their places of employment, offers a database that should provide future parents with the transparency denied to so many… »11/05/15 7:00pm11/05/15 7:00pm


Quitting Your Job to Be a Full-Time Mom Is Probably a Bad Idea

Leaving a high powered job to pursue your true June Cleaver stay-at-home-mom smiling-serenely-while-scrubbing-the-grout-in-pearls vocation sounds like an untenable fantasy from jump — like those shoes that were supposed to make your butt look good without exercising, or frozen s'mores (they whole POINT of S'MORES is… »8/08/13 11:50am8/08/13 11:50am

Trailer For SJP's I Don't Know How She Does It Leaves Us Deeply Conflicted

The movie I Don't Know How She Does It, based on the bestselling novel by Allison Pearson, follows a woman dedicated to her work and devoted to her family. In the book, she is described as being a victim of "time famine" — "a woman who counts seconds like other women count calories." There's a meta feel to this… »5/27/11 2:00pm5/27/11 2:00pm