How to Overcome Workload Paralysis and Get Back into Action

We're all busy, but sometimes we go through periods where the work piles up and it seems like it might never end. You might have so much work that it's too intimidating to even start. That's when you need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and start prioritizing. » 3/23/15 11:01pm 3/23/15 11:01pm

Pepsi CEO Says Work Kept Her from Being There for Her Daughter

In an interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Monday, PepsiCo chair and CEO Indra K. Nooyi dropped some real talk about the unique work-life balance challenges that come with being a pioneering businesswoman. Her observations were frank and sad. » 7/02/14 4:30pm 7/02/14 4:30pm

Obama Calls for Maternity Leave Legislation That Will Never Happen

President Obama has called for the US to join almost every country in the entire world in mandating paid maternity leave for working women. Pretty thought, but as long as the same grandstanding, obstructionist ideologue fuckos occupy the House, it will never happen. » 6/24/14 3:45pm 6/24/14 3:45pm

Air Force to Allow Three Years Off to Start Families

What a topsy turvy week it's been. Perfect couple Beyonce and Jay Z are now models of dysfunction. The flagship indoctrination station of the left wing liberal media fires its first female executive editor. Cats are attacking dogs. And now, the US Military takes the lead on an important issue of women's rights. Is… » 5/15/14 5:15pm 5/15/14 5:15pm

Work-Life Balance Isn't Just for Moms—All the Single Ladies Want It Too

There's the common perception that once women have children they suddenly look around at their careers and realize that it's meaningless compared to the joy they derive from spending time with their children. Or, even if they love their job, the demands of childcare mean there's just not as much time in the day for… » 5/23/12 11:50am 5/23/12 11:50am

Ladies Now Care More About Making Money Than Lazy, Lazy Dudes

Women have finally begun to give up the ghost of any lingering Cinderella or Romney fantasies left after the Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? disaster. According to new research released by the Pew Research Center, for the first time, women care more about having high paying jobs for themselves than their male… » 4/19/12 7:20pm 4/19/12 7:20pm

The Concept of Work/Life Balance Is Kind of Silly

Successful career women are almost always — perhaps even literally always — asked in interviews how they deal with the infamous "the work/life balance." Women who haven't married or had children are quizzed on why they haven't — can their withering wombs be chalked up to a heavy workload? — and women who do achieve… » 4/04/12 12:50pm 4/04/12 12:50pm

How Schools Can Help Moms Stay in Science

We talk a lot about the discrimination women face in science and engineering, but a new study says there may be a bigger reason why women don't rise higher in these fields: motherhood. Right now, science and engineering departments don't know how to deal with profs, postdocs, and grad students who might also want to… » 2/15/12 5:30pm 2/15/12 5:30pm

Crappy Bosses Will Mess Up Your Home Life Too

A mean boss can apparently screw up your life at home as well as at work — a new study shows that people with "abusive supervision" in their jobs can take it out on their partners. » 11/30/11 1:10pm 11/30/11 1:10pm

Women With The Most Education Also Get The Most Maternity Leave

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released a report on employment and parental leave for first-time mothers, showing how little time women now take off when they have kids. The data also show that the least-educated women in America have the least access to paid leave. » 11/30/11 11:50am 11/30/11 11:50am

Should College Women Learn About Their Shriveling Eggs?

In addition to academic and career advice, do college women need preparation for deciding if and when to have kids? One Barnard student argues that they do. » 10/27/11 5:25pm 10/27/11 5:25pm

The Unhappiest Person Ever Is A Female Lawyer

Well, the unhappiest white-collar worker, that is. A survey of such folks reports that the least happy among them is "a 42 year old, unmarried woman with a household income under $100 thousand, working in a professional position (i.e. as a doctor or a lawyer)." » 9/08/11 6:20pm 9/08/11 6:20pm

Work-Life Balance Goes Out The Window With Bloomberg Discrimination Suit

A federal judge didn't just dismiss the pregnancy and sex discrimination claim brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of 65 employees of Bloomberg LP. She also delivered a stinging rebuke to the idea of work-life balance, at least as far as the courts are concerned in enforcing it. » 8/18/11 11:30am 8/18/11 11:30am

Woman Goes Into Labor, Finishes Bar Exam Anyway

A woman just took the Illinois bar exam while in "active labor," and not only did she finish, she gave birth to a healthy baby less than two hours later, according to Above The Law. » 7/29/11 5:25pm 7/29/11 5:25pm

Are You Having Enough Babies And/Or Working Hard Enough? Depends!

A new study of 3,000 college-educated women between the ages of 33 and 45 has found that almost half of them are childless. This has already been seen as a cause for worry. » 6/30/11 7:00pm 6/30/11 7:00pm

Elite Female Runners Juggle Parenthood, Running, Making You Feel Lazy

Competitive running's tough on a woman's body, and so is having babies. Put them together and you get a smorgasbord of interrelated challenges that could sideline even the most dedicated athletes and exhaust the most devoted parents. » 6/26/11 5:30pm 6/26/11 5:30pm

The Real Reason Women Quit Engineering

One popular explanation for the dearth of women in science and engineering fields has been that women freely choose to leave these fields in order to spend more time with family. However, a new report shows that, at least for engineering, that isn't the whole story. » 3/29/11 9:46am 3/29/11 9:46am

Women Feel Guilty About Work-Life Balance

A study of 1,042 American workers has found that women feel guiltier about "boundary spanning work demands" — email or phone contact for work-related purposes — after hours. » 3/09/11 10:01am 3/09/11 10:01am

Dad Sues Law Firm For Paternity Leave Discrimination

A father is suing his former law firm, alleging that they punished him for taking paternity leave. The case highlights something that's obvious but often overlooked: work-life balance is a men's issue too. » 2/25/11 4:12pm 2/25/11 4:12pm