US Department of Labor Study Claims Men Work '42 Minutes More' Per Day Than Women. Hmmm

The American Time Use Survey (or ATUS) is a yearly report conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor that examines “the average amount of time per day in 2015 that individuals worked, did household activities, and engaged in leisure and sports activities.” The results for 2015 were released this week, and—based on the…


Watch Rihanna Wind On Drake & Perform 'Work' Live at the Brit Awards

The Brit Awards, which are approximately three thousand times more interesting to watch than the Grammys even despite the fact that they are as white as the Oscars, hosted Rihanna’s first live performance of her new material—“Consideration,” with SZA, and “Work”—and she brought out surprise guest Drake for the…

Iranian Newscaster for State TV Flees Country After Disclosing Years of Sexual Harassment at Work

A newscaster for PressTV, Iran’s state-run, English-language TV station, has fled the country after revealing she was sexually harassed at work for years. Two of Sheena Shirani’s supervisors have been suspended after she shared an audio recording and dozens of messages on Facebook from one of them demanding sex from…

Rihanna Actually Dropped Her New Song 'Work,' Featuring Drake. Anti Is Real! 

Anti is not our adult Santa, as we’ve come to fear; Anti may, in fact, be real, and at the very least “Work,” featuring Drake, is incredibly real, insofar that downloading something off Tidal for $1.29 after three attempts to pay is “real.” Never mind that, though: here’s a new freakin’ Rihanna song!