Five-Year-Old Explains Erykah Badu: "She's Naked And Cool And Free"

There is a lot to be said about Erykah Badu's video for "Window Seat," but somehow a five-year-old says it best: "She feels naked and cool and free... It's just her body. I have a body." [LoveIsn'tEnough via Feministe] » 4/08/10 2:20pm 4/08/10 2:20pm

Eve Ensler: "Until The Violence Stops"

"But violence against women determines much about who we are as a society...My goal is to keep fighting violence against women until it stops. Imagine what the world would be like if women could walk around without fear." More: [U.S.News] » 10/22/09 6:20pm 10/22/09 6:20pm

The Life He Lived

Obama on Kennedy: "[His] ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives. ... The extraordinary good that he did lives on." Salon has a roundup of reactions from Emily's List/PP. [Politico, Salon] » 8/26/09 10:40am 8/26/09 10:40am

The Resilience Of Elizabeth Edwards

It doesn't include today's news that John Edwards is the father of Rielle Hunter's baby — but, in a review by Christopher Hitchens, Elizabeth Edwards's memoir Resilience sounds like a moving and enduring document. » 8/13/09 12:00pm 8/13/09 12:00pm

Latinas Discuss Sotomayor's Wisdom

Not surprisingly, to many Latinas, Sonia Sotomayor's "wise Latina" remark doesn't mean "I am a racist who hates white people." Here's what it does mean. » 7/17/09 2:20pm 7/17/09 2:20pm

A Famous Interviewer Gets Interviewed

"People think listening is easy. Listening is hard. It's easy to be distracted by a headache, or worries over a family member who's ill. You have to not allow yourself to be distracted." — NPR's Terry Gross [Seattle Times] » 6/03/09 2:30pm 6/03/09 2:30pm

Michelle Obama In Time: "There Are Thousands Of Role Models Like Me"

Time magazine's new interview with Michelle Obama (who also snags the cover) manages to be extremely thorough and very interesting without once asking the First Lady about designer dresses or shoes. » 5/21/09 12:00pm 5/21/09 12:00pm

A Glossary Of Terms Inspired By The Ladies Of Children's Literature

When I'm in crisis mode, I ask myself: "What would Matilda do?" While the answer (telekinesis) isn't always helpful, there are some phrases, inspired by children's lit characters, that one should always keep in mind. » 5/03/09 3:30pm 5/03/09 3:30pm

More Notable Quotables From Simon Doonan

"No one respects an upward trajectory any more — transcending the grittiness of your home-town and heading for the spangly corsets of the big city. For me there's nothing wrong with being nouveau riche. It's about clawing your way to the top and not clambering down through the sewer. The American dream story is a bit… » 4/28/08 3:30pm 4/28/08 3:30pm