Quit Trying To Make "Momalicious" And "Momgasm" Happen

Upon learning that someone is trying to insert "dadelor" into the English language, we have but one reaction: Make it stop. We get that all the good portmanteaus and puns seem to be taken in various corners of the Internet, but this is a bridge too far in the realm of weak punnery. » 6/14/11 4:45pm 6/14/11 4:45pm

Is There A Better Word For "Fiancé"?

I never knew how much I hated the word "fiancé" until I got engaged. I kind of cringe when I have to say it to people I don't really know and lately, I've been finding myself saying "my boyfriend," then quickly, quietly adding "or fiancé, whatever." The word just sounds so pretentious and fruity, and it inherently implies a… » 11/24/08 2:40pm 11/24/08 2:40pm

Ladies, Let's Be Honest: Are We Girls? Or Are We Women?

Gourmet » 8/18/08 11:40am 8/18/08 11:40am magazine has a (via Newser) about Jaime Araujo, a "Napa Valley Girl" who has made a splash in French wine making. "A lot of what I do is psychological," Ms. Araujo tells the magazine. "Changing the identity of a wine that's been in your family for four hundred years is hard, and it takes a lot of hand-holding." She…