Fashion Films: Is Anybody Buying What These Brands Are Selling?

In the new film The Science Of Sexy » 9/24/08 12:30pm 9/24/08 12:30pm, Dita Von Teese plays a bespectacled scientist who turns into… Dita Von Teese. Her lab coat gives way to lingerie. This movie has already been viewed over 200,000 times, but not in a theater: It's playing on . The short film is produced by Wonderbra, and, as Oliver Horton writes…

Christian Siriano Aims To Make Expectant Moms Fierce In Fashion

  • In weird/amazing news: Christian Siriano is doing a maternity line. "Siriano teamed up with his two friends Marta Abrams and Elise Rosemarin, founders of Moody Mamas maternity clothes, to create a collection called Fierce for Moody Mamas by Christian Siriano." Apparently he liked the idea of a gay man doing…
  • » 8/18/08 11:00am 8/18/08 11:00am

Diane Von Furstenberg, Woman of Letters, "The Jet Set."

  • Diane Von Furstenberg: writer. The wrap doyenne's gonna "pen" a column for Departures, the high-falutin American Express travel magazine. "The designer and Council of Fashion Designers of America president will start writing about her jet-set life starting with the magazine's November/December issue." Let's hope she…
  • » 8/12/08 11:30am 8/12/08 11:30am

Karl Lagerfeld To Design "Chanel Homes" On "Fashion Island"

  • Kaiser Karl himself is set to help create and conceive of 80 homes on Dubai's new Isla Moda (yes, "Fashion Island"). Says the designer: "The metamorphosis of art and beauty is my passion. The discovery of contemporary mediums of expression has allowed me to pursue my interest in art, beauty, architecture and…
  • » 7/10/08 11:30am 7/10/08 11:30am

Dita Von Teese Wants To Give Our Breasts A Lift

  • Dita von Teese is collaborating with Wonderbra on a lingerie collection to be called — so original! — Wonderbra by Dita von Teese. Um, what would Dita von Teese know about needing a Wonderbra? [Vogue UK]
  • BBC reporter Jeremy Paxman, no stranger to calling attention to the pressing news stories of our time, is…
  • » 1/21/08 11:30am 1/21/08 11:30am

Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld Is Not At All Pompous

  • Karl Lagerfeld has commissioned 15 contemporary artists to create works inspired by his iconic quilted Chanel bag for a two-year touring exhibit. Kind of interesting how iconic handbags are like the Virgin Mary of now. Maybe in twenty years people will be seeing Hermes Birkin bags in their grilled cheese sandwiches
  • » 6/12/07 10:21am 6/12/07 10:21am